Double: Buitenlandse 2 | Foreign Countries 2

1619 es1618 es1617 fr1615 ie1614 uk1613 it1611 de1609 fr1608 fr1605 fr1603 uk 

1597 usa 1596 de1595 de1594 de1593 de1592 de 1591 de 1590 de1589 de1588 de1587 de1584 usa1583 es1582 ar1581 de1580 pk1579 pk1578 pk1577 pt1576 usa1575 ca1574 co1573 co1571 pt1570 pt1569 de1568 ch1567 es1564 mk1563 mk1562 mk1561 pt1560 pt1559 pt1558 pt1557 pt1556 pt1555 uk


1554 de1553 de1552 ge1551 ge1550 it1549 it1548 it1547 it1546 fr1545 at1544 at1543 at1542 de1540 cz1539 cz1538 de1537 de1536 de1535 de1534 de1533 de (Buchergilde)1532 es1531 es1530 es1529 my1528 my1527 my1526 my1525 my1524 my1522 ca1521 ca1520 ca1519 ca1518 de1517 de1516 de1515 pt1514 pt1512 pt1511 pt1510 pt1509 pt1508 pt1504 at1503 at1500 de1499 de1498 de1497 de1496 usa1495 gr1493 gr1485 gr1484 de1482 de1481 de1480 de1479 de1478 de1477 de1475 de1474 de1473 de1470 at1469 at1468 at1467 at1465 ch1464 ch1463 ch1462 ch (shiny bookmark)1461 ch1460 ch1459 ch (shiny bookmark)1458 ch1457 ch1456 ch1455 ch1454 ch1453 ch1452 ch1451 fr1452 fr1453 fr1454 fr1462 fr1463 fr1464 fr1465 fr1466 fr1467 fr1468 fr14 69 fr1472 pt1473 fr1474 it1478 de1479 de1480 de1484 uk1486 uk1487 fr1489 fr1490 fr1491 fr1492 fr1493 fr1494 fr1495 fr1496 fr1497 fr1498 fr1499 fr1501 be1502 be1503 be1504 be 1505 be1506 be1508 de1510 usa Metropolitan Museum of Art1512 usa Metropolitan Museum of Art